Life Doctor Mission:

Are you surrounded by people, including friends and family, yet still feel unknown and alone? Regardless of success you may or may not have had, do you sense a relentless internal voice whispering, “You were meant to do something much more significant?” Listen. You are being called to transcendence – something greater than yourself – to connect deeply with others and help transform a world in desperate need of healing.


Life Doctor was founded by a father and son team who for the past 25-years combined, have forged the unchartered paths of their healing and callings. Dr. Kevin Fall is a psychologist who has transformed his life from a money-is-my-value lifestyle to one who helps others create meaningful relationships and purpose-filled lives. His son Austin was once discarded by many as violent, hopeless, and worthless, but has re-engineered his life from a high school drop-out, felon and depressed suicidal teen to a college graduate, loving son, nurturing father and one committed to help create tomorrow’s leaders.


You do not have to spend years feeling unknown or trying to discover your calling. Through our books, videos, speaking/seminars, and consulting, we streamline the process for you to save thousands of dollars and hours. What is the risk to you? Your best life having never been lived. You have a calling too and never have your unique gifts been in higher demand. Let us help you begin living a life filled with meaningful relationships and purpose – and let’s change the world together.


Life Doctor Team:

Dr. Kevin Fall

Austin Fall