Austin Fall  is living proof that true life change is possible. At a young age, he experienced his parents’ painful divorce and was left internally broken and without direction. By the time he reached his teen years, he totally disconnected from his parents and then turned to a destructive lifestyle of heavy partying to compensate for low self-esteem. He got into fights often and his grades suffered badly. Eventually, he decided to drop out of school to work as a farm laborer. All the while, his drinking became a daily routine.

Austin’s life hit bottom when he was arrested and jailed for multiple felonies committed when he was drunk. He was a felon and a high school dropout - a harsh reality that Austin knew he had created. Not knowing where to turn, he became depressed and, one evening, made plans to commit suicide. At the very last minute, as Austin was about to take his life, thoughts about how his family would feel caused him to break down and he found the courage to phone his father.

It was the call that changed and saved his life. With his father’s help and guidance, Austin was able to shed the dead skin of the past and overhaul his life. Austin healed his soul, found his purpose and eventually graduated from the University of Kansas and became a thriving professional with a meaningful life. Most importantly, he is the father of a 2-year-old little girl who is the apple of his eye.

Austin is a foremost expert in helping young men maximize their potential, helping parents better connect with them. As a young father and a son, he offers a rare vantage point that is extremely effective. Austin isn’t a talking head who pretends to be a motivator – he has lived it and knows what change requires. 

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After much success as a nationwide speaker and presenter for a prominent Health I.T. Consultant, Austin chose to leverage his skills and experiences to help others - a passion he could no longer suppress - to pursue a career as an Author and Public Speaker. 

With his father, Dr. Kevin Fall, Austin is the co-author of How To Get Your Son Back - 7 Ways to Reconnect and Repair Your Relationship (coming out Thanksgiving of 2017).  In 2018, Austin and Dr. Fall are set to release another book, College Wasteland, a book created to help parents and soon-to-be college students fully understand the risks of binge drinking, and the destructive impact of toxic relationships born in the club scene. 



To contact Austin regarding books, speaking or consulting, use the form on this page. Austin does his absolute best to keep up with the high volume of messages and comments on social media. 

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