Austin Fall

During his early years, Austin Fall stopped listening to authority figures, befriended troubled, angry peers, and stopped constructively communicating with the people who loved and cared about him most. By the time Austin reached his teen years, he had completely disconnected from his divorced parents and turned to a destructive lifestyle of violence and heavy drinking to mask his pain and compensate for failing at life and low self-esteem. No one could reach him…

As Austin’s behavior continued to deteriorate, he dropped out of high school, was convicted of several crimes, and found himself at a dark, dead end road. At the point where he considered suicide his only alternative, he decided to call and ask for help moments before it was too late.

Austin moved to live with his father, Dr. Kevin Fall, and for the next six years, worked with his dad to totally reengineer his life. Today he is a college graduate with a clean legal record, a loving father, and a thriving professional whose purpose is to help parents reconnect with and inspire their struggling teens to reach their full potential. Austin brings a unique and invaluable perspective as he consults with parents trying desperately to reach their teens and repair their relationships.

Perhaps most importantly, having been there as a young adult, Austin’s insight gives parents an accurate view of how and what their son is feeling, what is pushing him away, and what actions parents can take to rebuild trust and influence on a foundation of love.