Parents, are you worried about your son’s behavior, decision-making or life direction, but feel powerless to help him change? Are attempts at communicating with your son met with cold resistance or spontaneously combusting into shouting matches and slamming doors?

Whether you simply want to improve communications or if he is in need of radical life-change, How to Get Your Son Back: 7 Steps to Reconnect and Repair Your Relationship will show you how to:


  • Stop the fighting and re-establish communication and trust
  • Motivate him and show him how to change
  • Help him heal and continually grow
  • Inspire him to confidently live his best life


Read how this parent-turned-psychologist helped his son transform his life from a high school dropout, felon and suicidal young man into a confident and compassionate college graduate, nurturing father and loving son.

Written in three first-person vantage points, How To Get Your Son Back gives insight into what your son is thinking, and identifies the motive behind his actions. We firmly believe this is a book all parents should read.