Parent Coaching

Parents, are you worried about your teen’s behavior, decision-making, or life direction but feel powerless to help him or her change? Are attempts at communicating with your teen spontaneously combusting into shouting matches, slamming doors, and words you immediately regret? Or is the result cold silence?

On any given day, 3,500 teens will attempt suicide. My son was nearly one of them. Make sure your teen is not. In less-extreme circumstances, your teen is exhibiting patterns of thought and behavior that will continue in some form throughout their adult life—they will not “grow out of” them.

As a parent, you have much more influence with your teen than you may realize. Work with Dr. Fall and discover how his parent coaching will equip you to:

  • Reconnect with your teen and repair your relationship
  • Develop a relationship with your teen based on authenticity, trust, and mutual respect
  • Motivate and lead your teen to become an independent, psychologically healthy, confident adult
  • Inspire your teen to create a purpose-filled life

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