Our Mission

life doctor mission

Life Doctor helps parents who are worried about their teen’s or young adult’s behavior, decision-making ability, or life direction. In many cases, communication with their teen has broken down, and parents fear they’ve lost their ability to redirect or motivate their child toward positive life change.

As a father-and-son team, Dr. Kevin Fall and Austin have combined Kevin’s PhD in psychology and sixteen years of study, research, and psychotherapy experience with Austin’s personal life journey of healing and reconnecting with his parents. Together they offer twenty-five-years of real life experience that have led them to heal their own lives and relationship. Now they help parents reunite more deeply with their sons and daughters through their books, keynotes, seminars, and parent coaching services.

The results are an authentic parent-child relationship grounded in trust and connectedness, which empowers the child to confidently create an independent and meaningful life.