The Transformation Project

Are you worried about your son’s behavior, thought process, and perhaps even his mental health? And are you an invested parent who is willing to work to get your son back on the right track, so he can discover his full potential? If so, congratulations! You have come to the right place.

Welcome to The Transformation Project, the most comprehensive and research-based solution ever designed for parents with troubled sons. The Transformation Project is completely unique. There is nothing else like it — anywhere.

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My personal experience as a father.

Before I became a psychologist, I was a desperate father watching my own son’s life spiral out of control. The deepest pain I have ever experienced as a parent was watching him charge down a course of certain self-destruction. The sleepless nights, endless worry, and digestive problems were almost more than I could handle.

I looked everywhere for help, but nothing I tried altered his destructive trajectory. Over the years I talked to other parents and relatives, read self-help books, and reached out to so-called “experts” in the field, including psychologists. Each gave recommendations and expressed opinions such as, “Get him in to see a therapist,” but no one, including therapists, were able to help him change.

The son I so deeply loved and believed in had gotten himself into such a mess, he could not get out of it. At the age of twenty, Austin had dropped out of high school, accumulated multiple felonies, had racked up thousands in court fines, and was unemployed. Without hope or options, Austin began planning his suicide.

Just before he took his life, he called me and asked for help. Today Austin is a college graduate, loving father, and best-selling author whose passion is to help parents connect with and transform the lives of their troubled or struggling sons.

Want to know our secret?

Now, the single most


is available to you so that you can help your son.

No big deal. It’s just a phase. Or is it?

As a teen, I did some extremely stupid things. Thankfully, I didn’t kill myself or someone else. Quite frankly, many of the things I did weren’t that big of deal back in my day, but if our teens today get caught doing what we did, it can be life altering.

The poor decisions of a troubled teen

can cost tens of thousands of dollars

—and much, much more.

  • Do you suspect your son is driving after he drinks? The estimated legal costs of a DUI or DWI arrest and conviction range from $13,000 to $27,000, not including increased auto insurance rates potentially amounting to thousands of dollars over the subsequent years.
  • Is your son making poor grades or experiencing behavioral problems in school? High school dropouts earn $200,000 less over the life of their career when compared to peers who graduate.
  • Do you suspect your son is using or perhaps addicted to illegal drugs? The Center for Disease Control reports that more than 42,000 individuals died of overdose in 2016. The average cost of inpatient rehabilitation is estimated between $6,000 to $20,000 for a thirty-day inpatient rehabilitation and $12,000 to $60,000 for a ninety-day inpatient program. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that treatment will be successful.
  • Has your son attempted or talked about committing suicide? Each day, nearly 3,500 teens attempt suicide. Worse yet, in 2015, about 4,600 youth ages fifteen to twenty-four actually lost their lives to suicide—a cost that can in no way be measured.

Perhaps your son’s problems aren’t that severe. But even small issues can grow into expensive and painful problems in the future.

  • Do you and your teen have difficulty communicating? Are attempts at necessary conversations spontaneously combusting into shouting matches and slamming doors? If your son cannot engage in difficult conversations with you, how will he ever be successful in personal and professional relationships? Did you know that the average cost of a contested divorce in the United States is between $15,000 and $20,000? And this figure does not include the emotional costs to you, your child, or grandchildren.
  • Does your teen’s low level of confidence prevent them from taking healthy risks and challenges that will lead to a better life? A college graduate will make over $800,000 more in lifetime earnings than an individual with only a high school diploma. Perhaps a trade-school education is a better fit. It’s not uncommon for a plumber or electrician to make between $90,000 and $100,000 per year, but in order for a child to attempt trade school or college, he must have confidence to take risks and know he will recover, even if they experience temporary failure.
  • Does your teen seem unmotivated to set out on their own and develop a life they are passionate about? Only 25 percent of adults believe they are living up to their potential. Worse yet, 68 percent of American workers are either indifferent or dislike their work. Is this the life you want for your son?

INVESTED PARENTS understand that

if a teen is having problems today, these same

problems are likely to cost them in the future.

What is The Transformation Project?

Introducing The Transformation Project. The most comprehensive solution ever designed to help parents with struggling sons.

Our philosophy summarized: Nothing you say or do will ever MAKE your son change. He will have to make that decision on his own. But did you know you can access the single most powerful force in your teen’s life? It is called the attachment relationship, and we will show you how to access it and other forces of influence so you can begin reconnecting and repairing the relationship with your son so that you can lead him from his troubled behavior and into pursuit of his great potential.

Our methods are based on a number of time-tested psychological theories and practices that we will show how to use to influence your son to a better lifestyle.

How does the Transformation Project work?

The Transformation Project was designed to be customizable to your individual needs. Depending on the level of service you desire, we offer four options from which to choose, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and hourly consulting.

Platinum and Gold packages

The Platinum and Gold packages are the most comprehensive and are based on the complete methodology I used with Austin. If you choose the Transformation Project – Platinum or Gold packages, I will work with you over the next 12 months to help you achieve your parenting goals. Parent-teen dynamics are not developed overnight. Instead, they form over a period of years, so they are not quickly reversed.

Besides, lasting and meaningful change takes time. Austin’s transformation took years, but we were both trying to figure things out as we went, and he was a very tough case. I have since streamlined the process so that you can not only make substantial progress during the first year, but you will be able to carry the tools and changes forward into the future as you both continue to grow and create the lives you desire.

The Transformation Project consists of three phases.

The Transformation Project 3 phases

In the Connect Phase, the relational foundation between parent and son is repaired and strengthened. This is the first and most important phase as it is the foundation upon which all other work will be based. This phase is often the most emotionally challenging for the parent as it requires understanding, education, introspection, reconciliation, and, most often, a shift in your perspective and behavior. Here you will rebuild trust, respect, and credibility. During this phase, meaningful conversation between you and your son will begin to occur—an absolute necessity in moving on to the next phase. This can be a complicated phase. Don’t assume this is easy because success in this phase depends more on you that it does your son. I recommend you not try this on your own.

In the Healing Phase, we continue to develop and build on your new relational foundation and begin to more successfully influence your son’s behavior by allowing his crises to motivate change by setting an example (modeling better choices and behaviors), by initiating and welcoming honest conversations, and by offering lovingly set boundaries and expectations. Using your deepening relationship as a springboard, you will help your son heal as well as begin to change his thought process and behaviors. This phase may also include the involvement of a mental health professional for therapy or medication. As the parent, you will play an incredibly important role as you support your son through the healing phase. I will, in turn, support you and offer my expertise on involving a mental health professional to address any specific needs.

In the Excel Phase, you spread your wings as a more confident parent in a strong, authentic relationship with your son. Leading by example, you will inspire your son to join you in creating a more meaningful present and future life together. In this phase you will help your son maintain his newly formed good habits, explore his strengths and passions, and discover a life full of confidence and purpose.

If you are accepted into the program, over the next twelve months I will put my psychological expertise, years of research, extensive therapeutic skills, experience as a parent who led my son’s transformation, and my fifteen-plus years of project management to work for you.

Who will I be working with?

Who Am I, and Why I Can Help You and Your Son?

Dr Kevin Fall transformation project

My name is Dr. Kevin Fall. I am a psychologist and consultant to parents with challenging sons. I help parents and their teens reconnect and repair their relationships. I also help teens overcome the barriers that prevent them from reaching their fullest potential and from living a life full of confidence, meaning, and purpose.

Once accepted into the Transformation Project, you will work directly with me. My expertise is in human connection and in breaking down the barriers that prevent humans from developing the deep interpersonal connections and achieving their potential.

Not only have I conducted my own research in this area, I have immersed myself in the scientific literature for over last ten years (and continue to do so). I have worked with parents who range from C-level executives, engineers, and entrepreneurs to electricians, plumbers, the unemployed, and the homeless. My young-adult clients have ranged from extremely bright and capable high school students, college students, and postgraduates to individuals with severe mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and histories of emotional dysregulation, violence, and crime.

You will also have an opportunity to work with Austin, a man who knows firsthand what it takes to turn one’s life around, a man who went from feeling like he was a worthless loser to living purposefully as a thriving professional committed to helping young men maximize their potential and quality of life.

Austin Fall Transformation Project

After graduating college, Austin worked for several years as an information technology consultant with various Fortune-500 companies. He now uses his consulting and real-life experience to help parents understand the perspectives of their troubled sons and create an effective approach for reconnecting with and influencing their young men.

Here are just some of the highlights of what Austin is excited to share with you:

  • How to communicate with your son in a way that prevents shutdown and angry responses.
  • How to get your son coming to you for advice and direction instead of to their misguided peers.
  • The reasons sons engage in risk-taking behaviors and how to successfully address their needs, so they no longer feel driven by those reasons.
  • How to stretch your son’s comfort zone and help them set goals and achieve things they never would have envisioned for themselves.
  • How to engage your son in meaningful conversation and have them coming back for more.
  • How to encourage your son to take responsible and productive risks.
  • How to get your son to go from having little direction in life to finding passion, confidence, and purpose.

What will I gain from the Transformation Project?

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Will Gain From

The Transformation Project (Gold and Platinum)

You have more power as a parent than you realize. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create the type of deep and connected relationship most parents can’t even imagine having with their teens.
  • Go from lecturing to leading your son to develop confidence and a purpose in life.
  • Go beyond helping your son get back on track to inspiring him to thrive, reach his potential, and maximize his life experience.
  • How to rid yourself of parental guilt and redeem past mistakes.
  • How to accomplish more of what you want as a parent without investing a lot of time.

You’ll gain an understanding of your son’s reality and:

  • Discover the three core motivators driving of your son’s behavior and thought processes and use these motivators to avoid unproductive conflict.
  • Begin to see through your son’s façade to his fears, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Gain an understanding of the social pressures your son faces and how that is substantially more complex and significant than the social pressures you faced at his age.
  • Learn the critical role social media plays in your son’s life and why it’s so important to him.
  • Discover how you can become your son’s most valuable source of support.

Reconnect with your son and repair your relationship. We’ll help you discover:

  • Why reconnecting with your son is the single most important thing you can do to help him right now.
  • How you can positively shift the dynamics of your relationship without saying a word.
  • Why authenticity will capture your son’s respect and attention faster and more effectively than a traditional parenting presentation.
  • Three steps to help you “reboot” your relationship and form a deep foundation that will last a lifetime.
  • Why listening is more effective than talking and telling.

Experience authentic, productive communication based on trust, openness, and respect. You’ll learn:

  • How to communicate with your son in a way that draws him closer and fosters more trust and honesty.
  • How to avoid language and approaches that can make your son defensive or angry.
  • How to develop communication and trust that has your son seeking your advice.
  • How to communicate with your son in a way that is empowering and not shaming or damaging to them or the relationship.
  • How to turn his angry outbursts and lashing out into productive conversations.

Help your son find intrinsic motivation to change and grow. We’ll help you:

  • Assess your son’s readiness for change and learn how to adjust your conversations and approach to best meet that readiness.
  • Learn how to enforce boundaries and expectations in the heat of battle while maintaining your relationship through continued love and support.
  • Reinforce your belief in your son as well as your high expectations by casting a vision of success for your teen’s future.
  • Know when to cut your son some slack and help them out and when to hold them accountable and responsible.

Lead and inspire your son by example. We’ll show you how to:

  • Change your parenting style from that of a coach on the sidelines to an experienced player on the field alongside your son in this difficult game called life.
  • Help your son understand that you as the parent also have challenges you must negotiate.
  • Use your own personal growth journey to inspire and model the need for psychological healing and growth.
  • Seek meaning and purpose in your life as a model for your son.
  • Build your son’s confidence.
  • Model for your son the importance of setting and pursuing goals.

Get your son the help he needs to address mental health needs. You’ll learn:

  • How to have conversations that invite him to consider and discuss his mental health needs and concerns.
  • How to create a healing home environment using some of the most powerful tools therapists use in session.
  • How you as the parent play the single most important role in your son’s mental health recovery.
  • When and how to get your son the mental health assistance they need.
  • How to help your son develop a recovery mindset so his healing work is maintained in the future.
  • How to set your teen’s expectations for their mental health journey.

What Services will I receive?

Transformation Project – Silver Package

  • 1 – Initial sixty-minute consultation with Dr. Fall. I will review your application and use that information to develop an approach for our initial consultation, so we can make the most of your time. During the consultation, you will be asked for additional information, and you will have time to ask questions. Together we will develop your initial plan and schedule your follow-up meeting.
  • 1 – Strategic analysis and initial plan detailing the analysis, plan, and action items assigned to you. Your plan will provide you with next steps, give you an overall view of the strategy, and will be used to keep you on task and to monitor progress. Before a plan is implemented, I will want your buy-in and agreement, since it is your plan. I am simply the facilitator.
  • Life gets busy, and it’s easy to let things slip. Plus, we all get tired, and sometimes it’s easier to take the path of least resistance. Depending on the role you would like me to play, I can either manage your plan closely and hold you accountable, or I can take a more passive role and let you set the pace. Keep in mind, this is one of the most important projects you will ever take on.
  • 1 – Thirty-minute follow-up consultation. This consultation will be scheduled a week or two after you’ve had a chance to execute some the action items in your plan. The purpose of this meeting is to review your progress, ensure we are on the same page, answer any questions, troubleshoot any problems you may have encountered, and revise/update your plan as needed. This time can also be used to role-play and prepare for your next action.
  • 1 – Updated strategic plan. Based on our follow-up consultation, revisions to your plan may be necessary. I will update the plan and email it to you. Again, the plan will be something you agree to and buy into prior to implementation.

Transformation Project –

Platinum and Gold Packages

  • You will receive everything in the silver package detailed above, plus we will work with you over the next 12-months during which you will receive the following.
  • Up to 24 (18 with Gold) thirty-minute consultations with Dr. Fall. You are not on this journey alone. With these frequent thirty-minute consultations, you have an expert walking beside you each step of the way. While thirty minutes may not sound like a lot of time, by using our plan and managing your progress carefully, we will already have our consultation agenda set. A lot of work can be done in thirty minutes, and there’s rarely a reason to go beyond that.
  • Up to 6 updated strategic plans. Project plans often change due to circumstances, responses, changing factors, or any number of variables. Expect your plan to change from time to time, as we want it to reflect the latest circumstances, so we can be as effective as possible. Parenting does not occur in a vacuum. Life happens, and there are always changing variables, behaviors, and responses. So, as with all successful projects, we will adjust your plan as we go.
  • Up to 5 (3 with Gold) fifty-minute consultations with Austin. Want to know how your teen will respond to you? Want to know what it takes to modify a teen’s behavior? Austin has lived, and continues to live, a life of introspective change and growth. If you have an angry teen, Austin can help you understand his or her triggers. You will find Austin’s experience and insight invaluable as you work in the trenches with your teen.
  • Up to 6 (3 with Gold) consultations on mental health concerns. One of the most challenging aspects of working with a troubled teen is understanding if, when, and how to engage mental health services. I will consult with you and help you maneuver the mental health system. While I am a licensed psychologist, I will be acting solely in a consulting capacity as we work together. By law, I cannot perform therapy and I also cannot conduct an assessment on which I can formally diagnose and/or develop a psychological treatment plan. However, I provide you valuable information and insight based on my education, past and ongoing research, and extensive experience. For instance, I can provide you with tools and strategies to motivate your teen to be willing or agree to therapy. This is one of the most valuable services I offer my clients.

Please note: there are many “parent-coaching” services out there, some of which even include a “certification.” Buyer Beware: there is NO barrier to entry or qualification requirements for coaching or consulting. Anyone can call themselves a “coach” or “consultant.” All they have to do is declare themselves a coach or consultant. Please make sure you verify a coach’s or consultant’s credentials and qualifications, so you know what you are (or, more likely, are not) getting. Your teen is much too important to take a chance on someone who proclaims themself an expert.

  • (Platinum only) Up to 6 60-minutes teen consultations with Dr. Fall. Once your teen is ready, I can help jump-start their life by assisting him/her to find their passion and begin working to become the very best version of themselves. During these sessions your teen will have an opportunity to address some of his/her life concerns and roadblocks that may be holding them back and start living a living a purpose-filled life with confidence. These sessions can also significantly inform decisions where other mental health professionals may need to be involved.
  • (Platinum only) Up to 6 60-minute teen consultations with Austin. Sometimes a teen will only listen to another person who has already accomplished things they are attempting to do. Consulting sessions with Austin can enlighten your teen on a number of matters and in ways you the parent (or me the consulting psychologist) cannot. They can trust someone like them who has been there, knows what they are going through, and can speak their language. Austin can connect with struggling young adults in ways other adults cannot.

The Transformation Project – the price

What should The Transform Project cost?

There’s really nothing to compare it to. No one offers you so many hands-on tools, helpful resources, expert consultation, project management, support, and personal investment—all in one place.

Many of the services I offer cannot be purchased separately from anyone, anywhere, but here’s a quick breakdown of what you get with The Transformation Project to give you a sense of the incredible value.

Consultations, Training, Support, and ResearchPlatinumGoldSilver
1-Iitial 60-minute consultation w/Dr. Fall$250.00$250.00$250.00
1-Strategic analysis and initial plan$250.00$250.00$250.00
1- 30-min. follow-up consult (to review, trouble-shoot or revise plan)$125.00$125.00$125.00
1-Updated strategic analysis and plan$125.00$125.00$125.00
Up to 6 (3 with Gold) 30-minute psychological/behavioral consults$3,000.00$1,500.00
Up to 24 (18 with Gold) 30-minute consultations$3,000.00$3,000.00
Up to 6 updated plans with analysis$1,500.00$1,500.00
Up to 5 (3 with Gold) 60-minute consultations with Austin$1,250.00$750.00
Up to 6 60-minute teen consults with Dr. Fall$1,500.00
Up to 6 60-minute teen consults with Austin$1,500.00
Total Value$12,500.00 $7,500.00 $750.00
Your Price (See additional discounts below) $7,500.00$5,500.00$397.00

Save $1,000 on the Gold or Platinum packages

if you apply by 6:00 p.m. EST

Friday, January 18, 2019

Plus, you may spread your tuition

over ten months, or save big by

making a single installment.

The Transformation Project – Platinum

As you can see from the table above, the total value of the Transformation Project—Platinum package is $12,500, but I really do want to help parents struggling with their sons—all INVESTED PARENTS who are willing to work hard to help their sons, not just rich folks. So instead of the program being $12,500, it’s not even $11,000, or $10,000 or $9,000. The regular price is only $7,500.

But hold on. I’m going to give you an even better deal.

As mentioned above, you’ll save over $1,000 by applying by 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, January 18, 2019.

  • Option 1 – Receive the entire program for a full year for just $1,497 down followed by ten (10) monthly installments of $497 each, for a total of $6,467. This price includes the $1,000 discount for applying by 6:00 pm EDT, Thursday, May 31, 2018.
  • Option 2 – Save the most by making a lump-sum investment of just $5,497.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be charged only a $50 application fee until officially accepted. If we’re already sold out, or if there’s any other reason we can’t accept you into The Transformation Project, your application fee will be refunded.

The Transformation Project – Gold

The total value of the Transformation Project—Gold package is $11,500, but as with the platinum package, I am deeply reducing the rate for INVESTED PARENTS like you at discounted price of $5,500.

But, as mentioned above, you’ll save over $1,000 by applying by 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, January 18, 2019.

  • Option 1 – Receive the entire program for a full year for just $997 down followed by ten (10) monthly installments of $347 each, for a total of $4,467. This price includes the $1,000 discount for applying by April 30, 2018.
  • Option 2 – Save the most by making a lump-sum investment of just $3,997.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be charged only a $50 application fee until officially accepted. If we’re already sold out, or if there’s any other reason we can’t accept you into The Transformation Project, your application fee will be refunded.

The Transformation Project – Silver

For parents who just want a jumpstart or who want to try out my services first before investing in the Platinum or Gold services, The Transformation Project—Silver package was designed for you. While the Value of the Silver package is $750, I am also going to steeply discount the Silver package to $397.

Consulting Services by the Hour

For the DIY (do it yourself) parent, consulting by the hour may be your best choice. This is a good option if you are reading How to Get Your Son Back and find our story closely parallels yours. As you are working the steps and the Parenting Playbook in our book, an occasional consultation can save you many hours of time and thousands of dollars as some of the steps can be nuanced and the handling (or mishandling) of mental health concerns can make or a break the transformation of your Son. Don’t risk going it completely on your own.

Parent Consulting is being offered now at the rate of $197/hour.